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Using digital marketing to create a competitive advantage.

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Oakville Harvest is a fruit & veg retailer in the Hawkesbury. The business reached a point where it was ready to implement marketing support to create and sustain a competitive advantage. We have helped Oakville Harvest build a digital presence and grow its customerbase. 

Our impact

60,000+ users reached with paid digital ads.

3,000+ customers sent to the Oakville Harvest website from paid digital ads.

300+ Facebook posts created and published.

What we did

Website Design & Build

We built a stunning, clean and user-friendly website for Oakville Harvest to showcase their brand new shop. The website allows customers to place orders online, improving the experience for their customers and significantly increasing operational efficiencies for the team. Beyond this, the website effectively highlights the brand's values and point of difference, helping to reinforce a competitive advantage.

Social Media Strategy

We were tasked with writing a social media strategy for Oakville Harvest to ignite their organic efforts, accelerate growth and to improve brand recognition. We completed extensive market research, which involved reviewing competitors and identifying target market segments. From here, we were able to make recommendations relating to the social channels that should be used, the types of content that should be posted, when the content should be posted, how often content should be posted, and what the content should be about. As with any strategy, we utilised an array of relevant data to reinforce our recommendations.

Social Media Management

With the social media strategy completed, we were then tasked with managing the creation of content for Oakville Harvest's Facebook profile. We have published more than 300 posts, each with a specific purpose and Call-To-Action. Through the distribution of consistent and high-quality content, we have effectively been able to grow and engage Oakville Harvest's audience.

Paid Digital Ads

We have created and managed a number of paid Meta campaigns for Oakville Harvest, each with a specific purpose. We have utilised A/B testing to maximise performance and effectively engage target audiences.


Oakville Harvest was looking for an asset that could speak to their mission and highlight their point of difference. We engaged a partner agency to collaborate on this project. The output was two stunning videos, each perfectly presenting the story of Oakville Harvest.

Digital Presence

As a local business, there is an enormous opportunity to dominate organic listings on Search Engine Results Pages. We optimised Oakville Harvest's Google My Business Listing, published content and deployed a review strategy, significantly improving their organic rankings.

Print Material

We coupled an offer with printed flyers to ignite the aforementioned review strategy. The result was 100+ five star reviews and a number of happy customers who enjoyed 10% off. We wanted to build on the styles and colours established in the logo when bringing these flyers to life.

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