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Reaching more customers in the local market.

Paid Campaigns      Content Creation      Website Optimisation

Kurmond Social exudes style, warmth and delicious food so we were incredibly excited when they asked us to help build their digital presence. After discussing their goals and objectives, we decided that the business could benefit by deploying a number of paid digital campaigns.

Our impact

150,000+ users reached with paid digital ads.

12,000+ customers sent to the Kurmond Social website from paid digital ads.

1,800+ reactions on paid Meta ads.

What we did

Website Optimisation

Kurmond Social's existing website was simple and clean but didn't do a great job of directing customers to various points of interest on the site. We were tasked with revamping the homepage to improve the overall user experience and add an element of prestige and style to the brand. Consequently, we created a page that highlights both the venue and food, each of which equally speak to Kurmond Social's competitive advantage.

Paid Ad Campaigns

Now that the home page had been optimised, we were ready to plan and launch a series of paid ad campaigns to increase brand awareness, drive engagement and most importantly, bring more customers into the restaurant. For over 12 months, we have been able to effectively deliver a number of high-performing ads that have contributed to business growth and prosperity.

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