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Accelerating online growth in a competitive market.

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Kellyville Pets is Australia's largest independent pet store, offering an enormous range of products and services for every pet imaginable. With so much to offer (in a very competitive market), we have been tasked with managing the company's paid ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google and TikTok. For over 18 months, we have created online growth and prosperity. 

Our impact

We have achieved and maintained a 500% ROI with paid digital ads.

Approximately 46% of all online orders in FY2023 can be attributed to paid campaigns.

450,000+ users sent to the Kellyville Pets website from ads.

What we did

Paid Ad Campaigns

We manage a number of paid ad campaigns for Kellyville Pets across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google. We use a range of strategies to create targeted campaigns that drive conversions and increase ROI. This involves proactively tracking the performance of each ad campaign and adjusting our approach to ensure maximum results. We also use A/B testing techniques to fine-tune the messaging and maximise impact. Our campaigns are tailored to the Kellyville Pets' goals, budget and audience.

Landing Pages

We also created a number of landing pages for Kellyville Pets to maximise the effectiveness of the above paid campaigns. These landing pages are optimised for all devices and built in a way that encourages action. This includes clear calls-to-action, relevant content and a variety of visuals. Our goal was to maximise the conversion rate of visitors who come to these landing pages from organic, direct and paid campaigns. We also made sure that these pages were prominently placed within the website’s structure, so that customers could easily access them. The results have been extremely positive, with a significant increase in sessions and engagement on these pages.

Data & Analytics

With literally thousands of products, Kellyville Pets has a lot of moving parts and complexities. We have assisted decision-making and campaign development by analysing primary and secondary data. This includes interpreting and presenting key data and analytics associated with web traffic, online sales and various applications. We have successfully identified trends and highlighted opportunities, helping Kellyville Pets focus its resources to generate the best possible return. We've also completed market research to pinpoint the business's position within a highly competitive and ever-evolving market.

Our in-depth analysis has been key to the development of a strategic, data-driven approach. We have established dashboards and reporting to provide a full picture of the business, enabling Kellyville Pets to act on data in real-time. Through our data-driven strategy, we have enabled Kellyville Pets to identify opportunities for growth and optimise their activities accordingly.

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